Our Online-Training for Home Office & Office: Learning in the Cloud – “virtually” as if you were there

Many are currently working in their home office because of the coronavirus pandemic. Therefore ISimQ, together with our partner CADFEM, instructs interested parties in online-seminars, such as last week on “Generation of Hexahedral CFD Meshes”. The digital live format works via a cloud solution. Participants can use the simulation software in the workshops via a browser from their workplace or from home. During the workshops, the instructor has an overview of all cloud computers and can immediately react and intervene if there are questions: The learning effect and knowledge transfer are maximal.

Check out our online-seminars

You can find the dates and content of our online training courses on our ISimQ blog www.isimq.com/blog. Do not miss: Our next workshop on „Practical Use of Turbulence Models – Background & Application“ will be in on 25 – 27 May 2020.

our online training on generation of hexahedral CFD meshes