ISimT-18 – Symposium on Innovative Simulations in Turbomachinery: Invitation & “Call for Presentations”

If you would like to increase your simulation success and the quality of your products and services, you should attend ISimT-18, ISimQ’s symposium on Innovative Simulation in Turbomachinery, a top-class conference for the latest trends and developments in the use of simulation technology for turbomachinery. Use the opportunity to gather new ideas and approaches for your work and research!

Stay up-to-date and visit the ISimT-18 – whether as lecturer or participant!

ISimT-18 takes place on 15 and 16 October 2018 in the Hohenkammer castle, north of Munich and near the airport.

As every year, ISimQ offers an attractive program with instructive keynote speeches and lectures. In the first keynote, Professor Dr Li He from the prestigious Oxford Thermofluids Institute will speak on “Multiscale Multiphysics Interactions: Challenges and Opportunities in Turbomachinery CFD”. In the second keynote Paul Galpin, ISimQ’s specialist in numerical methods will discuss “Vertex-Centered and Cell-Centered Discretisation Schemes”.

If you want to contribute to the symposium with a high-quality lecture, you can find a “Call for Presentations”, a registration form and information about the program at http://isimq.com/isimt-symposium/. Attendance is free of charge for presenters. If you have any questions or need more information, please contact ISimQ by e-mail.

You are also welcome as a participant at ISimT-18. With just a few clicks you can register at http://isimq.com/isimt-symposium/.

You can find a review of ISimT-17 at https://www.isimq.com/isimt-17-successful-second-round/.