Big picture: 1-D to 3-D Coupling for Turbomachinery

Products are becoming ever more complex and intelligent. They require a smooth interaction of their components, all with their special physical laws, as well as their hardware and embedded software. Design and optimisation of such products must be holistic (or systemic). This is more and more done with system or network codes.

But how best to feed those system codes? This is demonstrated in the Seminar “1-D to 3-D CFD System Design for Turbomachinery” organised by EnginSoft on 24 April 2018 in Düsseldorf, Germany. ISimQ will contribute a presentation on the basics and applications of coupling one- and three-dimensional flow calculation methods.

System codes require either empirical models or correlations for the simulation. However, deriving such models or correlations from experimental data is time-consuming and expensive. The alternative: Simulate the components with multi-dimensional field methods (e.g. for fluid mechanics, structural mechanics, electromagnetics) and feed the information into the system codes – either directly through co-simulation or with an intermediate step, the reduced-order models (ROM).

More information about the seminar and registration is available at http://www.enginsoft.com/de/events/turbomachinery-symposium.html