SimXp: Energy Efficiency & Indoor Climate – Simulation & Experiment

The digital transformation of the building industry is underway – keyword “Building Information Modelling – BIM”. The added value of digital models extends far beyond the traditional methods of building planning. The SimXp seminar on 13 and 14 March 2019 in Holzkirchen, Germany, will show how to combine simulation and experimentation to benefit from digitalisation successfully.

SimXp shows smart solutions for energy efficiency and indoor climate of buildings

The focus of SimXp are digital planning tools for optimising energy efficiency and indoor climate. The seminar is organised by the Fraunhofer Institute for Building Physics IBP and the simulation specialists of ISimQ. Digitalisation and the resulting information density are the prerequisites for life cycle-oriented, integral building planning. Thanks to BIM, interdisciplinary project teams will be able to link the requirements from architecture, building physics, technical building services, facility and energy management to an unprecedented degree and develop comprehensive solutions based on this information. Digitalisation is taking place across all phases, from drafting to commissioning and operational optimisation. Early simulations of the thermo-energetic behaviour and computer-aided models for evaluating the resulting comfort and user acceptance are the starting point for innovative building system solutions. They form building blocks of a digital building twin, i.e. a virtual building image for planning and operation.

SimXp aims at engineers, project managers and executives responsible for research and development, innovation management and business development in the construction sector.

More information and registration is available at www.simxp.de. The SimXp presentations will be in German language.