ISimT-16 Symposium: Invitation and Call for Presentations

ISimQ invites you to ISimT-16, our annual Symposium on Innovative Simulations in Turbomachinery.

The desire of the symposium is for a lively and creative exchange on innovative turbomachinery simulation technology through dialogue with experts and peers. Presentations are welcome from all areas of turbomachinery: pumps, water turbines, fans, propellers, compressors, gas, steam and wind turbines. As an attendee you will benefit from exposure to the latest technology, creative applications of existing simulation tools, as well as time to brainstorm with a like-minded group. Successes, as well as challenges, are welcomed and encouraged for discussion.

Call for Presentations

Contributions for 29 November 2016 should be submitted in the form of presentation slides (20 minutes) and/or optional white papers. The conference language will be English. Please forward a 1-page abstract of your 20-minute presentation by 15 October 2016 to isimt@isimq.com. You will receive notification of acceptance by 31 October 2016.


ISimT-16 will commence on 28 November 2016, 13:00 h, with keynote presentations by Paul Galpin (ISimQ) on transient blade row and harmonic analysis methods, Prof. Damian Vogt (Universität Stuttgart) on aero-mechanics, Florian Menter (ANSYS Germany) on scale-resolving turbulence models, and Mick Casey (PCA Engineers) on radial compressor design. The first day will close with a symposium dinner. The second day will consist of attendee technical presentations.

Attendees will receive the symposium contributions after the event in electronic form.


Industrial attendees: 325 €
Academic attendees: 195 €
Presenters: 0 €.
Fees do not include VAT.


More information on the program is available on the symposium website www.isimq.com/isimt-symposium.


Please register by returning the registration form to isimt@isimq.com.


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